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What's New

Internet Access

  • This capability provides added flexibility to PROBE III users.  Authorized individuals can utilize the full power of PROBE III from:
    • Home
    • Hotels
    • Remote Facilities
  • Application Service Provider (ASP):  In this implementation of PROBE III, the user is freed from the cost of supplying and supporting the hardware and operating system software.  The computer, operating system, and PROBE III will all be located at a host site.  The users will have simultaneous access to PROBE III via the Internet.  The cost savings of this method of implementing may be quite substantial.

New Customizable Automated Measurement Module

  • This new module provides a highly efficient method of entering work requests and distributing them to the maintenance work force.  The logic for assigning the work is determined by the PROBE III customer.  It (the logic) may use any combination of:

  • Skill required
  • Type of equipment
  • Equipment location
  • Department
  • Cost center
  • Building
  • Maintenance crew
  • Individual
  • Priority
  • Machine status

  • Assigning work requests is important, but it is only part of the new automated capabilities of PROBE III.  Now reports and screen displays are available that show:
    • Machine downtime
    • Response time
    • Time to repair
    • Total elapsed time
    • Number of times worked on
  • These are important management tools for those organizations that want to develop a pro-active approach to maintenance.  Most systems that have tried to provide similar capabilities have required cumbersome data entry functions that eventually made the system unusable.  In PROBE III to obtain these reports and displays NO DATA ENTRY by craftsmen, secretaries, or clerks is required.  PROBE III automatically tracks all activities and calculates all of the times that are being reported.

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